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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Who's on first?

The tall tales abound:
They (no one knows who "they" is) are going to close the medical center on Thursday. The Medical Center will stop providing services 24 hours a day.
The evacuees will be all moved out by Friday night because there is a ball game here on Saturday.
There is a "conspiracy theory" - George Bush opened the levy to flood New Orleans to get rid of the poor black people there, and the murderers and sick people.
Every one was to go to the Reliant Center on a certain day and they would receive a debit card from FEMA for $3000. FEMA ran out of cards, or their computer crashed. Then 4000 people were to go to one of 8 Western Union offices and apply for a $2000 check that would be mailed to them. If people had an existing account, they could get funds electronically deposited to their bank and have access within 2-3 days. If they did not have a bank account they would be mailed and received in 2-3 weeks. Post office boxes have been set up here at a ticket center/USPO for people with no mailing address.
There is no way to identify people with no picture ID. People returned several times to collect multiple FEMA debit cards.
There have been 5 suicide attempts, several rapes, and gun shots wounds here since inception.
All of these statements are gossip.


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