CA CNA Katrina Volunteers

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Where did they go?

On Thursday, Sept 15th we had a report of 4500 evacuees still in the Arena.(FYI, all of the evacuees in the Dome and Center were moved to the Arena - even tho- the Arena was cleared out 4 days before because the (Dome had better facilities) Never mind that there was a football game in the stadium that Sunday...(oops, nurses never speak up)
Then Hurricane Rita threatened and "they" loaded our patients onto buses to Arkansas (not-verified report?) Where did our patients go? Anyone track them? I have looked on published reports on the 'net with no luck... These were people with no ability to process (people asked me if there was some educational deficit) NO.. these were people in shock, not able to communicate, not able to process instructions about how to get a FEMA number, register with Red Cross as a missing person..etc... Shock about seeing the dead surround you.
Where did our patients go?