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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Volunteering in the Computer Center

"Technology for All" is a non profit that set up a computer center for the evacuees in the AstroDome with about 50 computers on a DSL line. Then put out the call for volunteers to assist the "residents" to help them find family members, apply for FEMA, find housing, find jobs, apply registered as a "missing person." Judi Davis came from Portland Oregon on the same airplane as me, paid her own way and is staying with a friend nearby. I stop in to volunteer on my off time, and have seen what a valuable service they are offering.

Today I helped a person apply on line for a duplicate ID card from the Louisiana Dept. Motor Vehicles. DMV is promising a 72 hour reponse and sending to either the resident's post office box that FEMA gave them or General Delivery here at the Dome Post office. I also found an organization close to a young person's new apartment where he can get used furniture. (The Salvation Army said they were not giving out furniture when I called their main number...)He also was in college in LA as a Sophomore, and found him a contact number near his apartment for a community college nearby that is registering students from the evacuation areas. For every person who came in looking for a missing person, I found at least one missing family member with a phone number to call! We ring the cow bell and everyone cheers when we find a person.

Nicole was looking for her mother, four sisters and two nephews, last seen at the time of the flood. I was able to find one sister who was living temporarily at a Pastor's home somewhere in Louisiana. Her sister had posted the home phone number, and Nicole went straight away to the free telephone center. One person who came to see me was living in Section 8 housing in New Orleans, and we sent him to the Housing Center back at the Arena to find an apartment locally. Evidently, they give immediate vouchers with no pre-qualification if they can prove they received Section 8 housing in LA. He was a disabled person.

The word is that "they" are moving all of the people housed in the AstroDome and the Reliant Center to the Arena on Friday. There is a football game at the Ballpark on Sunday. Isn't that coincidental? Especially since they moved all of the people out of the Arena last Wed. night to the AstroDome because the Dome was "better suited" for them. Now they are going to move everyone to the Arena. I hope it will not be in the middle of the night like the last time.

There was a wedding in the middle of the AstroDome today at 3 pm! One of our nurses is an opera singer and was part of the ceremony. See my picture album. The bride was beautiful, wearing a white dress, and everyone in the dome cheered for them. She was escorted down the "aisle" (yellow tape) by the boxer Hollyfield? See his picture. (Go to "links" in the upper right hand corner.)


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