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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The new city of "Houleans"

One of my patients happily told me that she had just found a home for her family in Houston, but was really going to miss New Orleans. But she decided to give her new home town a new name: "Houleans". She asked me to take her picture as the first founding family of the city of "Houleans."

Another patient was telling his story of how he rescued 13 people off their roofs in his neighborhood from ages 8 to 83. I told him that he should write a book about his experiences. He hesitated, saying that he "didn't write." But asked me to write it for him, and take his picture so we could see who he is.

Jerome Hutchens MD, Psychiatrist in Houston Texas was a volunteer in the Mental Health Clinic. He requested a volunteer to help him with his wheelchair into his car because his shift was over. He told me he was looking for a potential girlfriend. I took his picture and told him I would publish it on the internet. (Not the Yahoo Personals though!)



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