CA CNA Katrina Volunteers

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"I am the poorest richest person in town"

Cachetic, poor nutrition, 58 year old man. Asked where he lived. "See that tree just outside; that's where I am. Can't stand to be inside. I lived under a tree inNewOrleans, now I live under a tree in Houston.I am an alcholic and drink a few beers every day; but today I drank a half pint of whisky." Asked why he was in our Clinic. Said " I want to see a talkin' doctor - not a cuttin' doctor." Why so? "Well I saw real ghosts when I woke up today, and they are not shakin' me. I saw a lot of dead bodies in N/O, and they are talking to me today." Off we go to Mental Health.


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