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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"Hey this woman is talking to you"

Said a Houston Police officer sitting at a check point into the Dome. I looked around and saw a middle aged black woman about 6 foot tall and weighing 250 pounds. I went up to her and she grabbed my hands. "Do you remember me?" "How do I remember you?" "You went through hoops to get me my medicine." (Big bear hug) "Well my medicine that I need will not be ready until Thursday." I do not remember what medicine she needed, but gave a big sign of disgust. What do we have to do? Many patients, especially those with tooth abscess (does anyone relate to that pain?)-especially those who have just undergone minor surgery I/D to infections in their lower limbs from walking in dirty water and having some foreign object penetrate their skin? NO NARCOTICS PRESCRIBED. NADA...


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