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Thursday, September 08, 2005

California Nurses Assn RN's Volunteer at the Astrodome

There were 12 Registered Nurses who arrived Wed. Sept 8th to volunteer at the Houston Astrodome from California. Each of us will post our story and some pictures of our experience. More to come....
posted by Carole Rogers, RN


At 8:21 PM, Blogger CA CNA Katrina Volunteers said...

Wednesday, Sept. 7: They spotted me in Tuscon because I was wearing my "San Leandro Hospital" T-shirt. "Oh, another crazy RN?" (thumbs up) We chatted awhile until our flight to Houston boarded. All of us were happy to hear that CNA was putting us up at the Holiday Inn next to the Houston Astrodome. At the end of the night there were 12 CNA nurses here...We had expected to be sleeping on Army cots, just like the evacuees we see on TV and on the news net. We met Betty Woods our CNA "point person" who is also a volunteer RN and who was decribed as a "take charge" person. Yep, got us all from the airport, handled all problems with rooms, and made an appointment Barbara Reece at the Astrodome that evening at 7 pm. While waiting in the lobby for our hotel shuttle to take us to the "Dome" (it is in visual distance but a 20 minute walk we were told) we met Tina and Brian Oakes - both nurses and a married couple from Colton, CA - working for Arrowhead Regional Hospital (San Bernadino County.) What an amazing couple; they drove to Houston from their home in 24 hours, spent the night in the parking lot and then went to work. This was five days before we arrived! It is evident that their powers of organization have had a major effect on the success of the mission to provide health care services to over 20,000 "evacuees" in Houston. They worked the on thefirst line of fire: triage - solving problems - using their skills to suggest solutions to the powers that be to streamline the operation. Their first report to us in the lobby of the hotel was chilling: They processed 150 people an HOUR for the first few days of their arrival! They described the major problems we would be facing: people with diabetes who were walking in dirty diseased water and their feet/lower extremities had lacerations; people with major medical problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, dialysis, cardiac diseases, etc.) and no medical help for 7 days. People would show up from the buses being unloaded from the Superdome in New Orleans and physically carried to Triage for medical care...
They also described the havoc in trying to provide medical care in a disaster situation, saying they were providing care while the "curtains" in the medical clinic were being put up. (See pictures.)
The photo album for our first day is located at this link: (have not figured out how to make this a real link so you must cut and paste into your address:
(drag and highlight this address with your mouse, Control C to copy, control V to insert into your browser address.) It will be updated with comments as the days go forward.

That's all folks, 5:45 comes mighty early when you are a Californian. Check back soon

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Barb said...

It is nice to know there are real Angels in this world. Thank you for making such a horrible act of nature better to those who are suffering. Carole Rogers is one of the kindest giving people we know. Right when we heard Katrina had struck we knew she would be there.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger CA CNA Katrina Volunteers said...

to photos

Hey, hope this works. This is the hyperlink to the Yahoo photo album that contains the pictures I took.
Carole Rogers

At 8:22 PM, Blogger CA CNA Katrina Volunteers said...

to photos

Hey, this is the hyperlink to the pictures I posted. Hope it works, and enjoy! Invite others to post toooooo!


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